Lens on AI Startup: Mindtrace

Mindtrace.ai: Brain-Inspired Machine Intelligence

Mindtrace, based in Manchester, UK, is a AI startup from 2017, which is focused on achieving competency in unsupervised learning. Unsupervised learning or intelligent self-learning, is the next step in the evolution of AI and has the potential to significantly propel the commercialization of AI technologies.

Mindtrace’s work can have implications across several industries, be it IOT, cybersecurity or data management, but the company is currently working on collision avoidance systems for autonomous cars. If successful, the technology has a great potential to address the shortcomings related to safety issues of autonomous cars being developed by several automobile giants.

The company raised a £1.3m investment from Accelerated Digital Ventures and the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund in November 2017.

Mindtrace can be an exciting acquisition candidate for companies like Deepmind that are already pioneering in AI and conducting work in the areas of unsupervised learning. Curious AI from Finland is another startup which is working on unsupervised learning to achieve true artificial intelligence. These companies are at a very early stage but have the potential to truly disrupt the AI space and take it to the next level.