Lens on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Startup: Gem.co

Gem.co: Enabling Distributed Applications via Blockchain

Venice, California based blockchain startup Gem has developed a scalable platform called GemOS to create a central repository or shared database of mutually beneficial information for companies. The firm strives to eliminate the issue of siloed data and create a decentralized blockchain for data and information that is replicated across several companies.

The central repository will eliminate the expensive and unproductive task of creating siloed digital data sources and will help companies collaborate and share information with each other securely and efficiently. Gem is providing a scalable and flexible platform for building distributed applications that can be utilized by companies to automate processes and connect their existing systems to blockchain networks.

The company has created a footprint in industries such as health care, insurance and supply chain.

GemOS has the potential to become the core platform for an entire data dependent ecosystem and can become the single network to automate majority of technology operations in corporations.


Gem has just announced a private cryptocurrency beta platform launching in May 2018. The broader objective is to establish a crypto community wherein investors can connect and make informed decisions pertaining to their crypto investments. The CEO and Founder, Micah Winkelspecht states, "Our new people-friendly and design-rich cryptocurrency platform gives you a single entry point for connecting and tracking all of your crypto investments and net worth, a universal secure wallet to hold and trade all of your assets, curated discovery of new tokens to make informed investment decisions, and a connection to the larger crypto community that is driving the decentralized movement forward."