Lens on Blockchain Startup: KrypC

KrypC: Blockchain Enabled IOT Security

We all know that IOT is the future and the number of connected devices communicating with each other will significantly grow and touch every aspect of our lives. At the same time, experts have been warning about the rising security threats with IOT devices. The smart devices communicating with each other can be hacked and thus, sensitive data can be leaked and create security and privacy issues for individuals and corporations.

To solve this challenge, India based KrypC (with offices in the US and Netherlands) has come up with a novel blockchain based solution to help these intelligent IOT enabled devices communicate securely with each other. Their flagship offering KrypCore is based on the Hyperledger platform and helps enterprise clients to quickly and securely develop blockchain applications across industries such as BFSI, healthcare, etc. The company is part of the Microsoft Accelerator Program and is already working with several clients including Fortune 500 companies.

"While KrypCore is primarily based on Hyperledger protocol, the company also offers clients the option to develop customised solutions and platforms using multiple blockchain protocols like Ethereum and Multichain and has several solutions (live applications to pilots to PoCs) running on its platform." KrypC’s founder and CEO Ravi Jagannathan

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Both Blockchain and IOT are at a nascent stage of evolution and adoption. It would be quite interesting to see the marriage of the two technologies as they evolve together to create exciting, efficient and secure solutions for individuals and corporations.