Big Data in the News

Big Data has been a Big buzzword for sometime now. But how prevalent and important is its use? Here's a snapshot of a few of the varied and interesting uses that was in the news (The links in the headings provide more information.)

Big Data in the Music World

Engineers and biologists from Queen Mary University of London, Imperial College of London and a data scientist from analyzed 17,000 digitized songs from Billboard’s Hot 100 to produce an evolutionary history of American popular music. They found that the most important cultural shift in American pop music began with the explosion of rap in the early 1990s.

Big Data in the Energy Sector

The Ronald Reagan building in Washington DC saved $800K in energy costs in the 1st year with its Big Data solution.

Big Data in Transportation

Transport for London (TfL) oversees a network of buses, trains, taxis, roads, cycle paths, footpaths and even ferries which are used by millions every day. The data is collected, and used for planning and providing customer-specific info.

Big Data in City Government

Chicago has collected 12 years of data on resident complaints on rodent problems. Now it is harnessing that data to control the rat population. Rodent prediction involves 31 variables related to calls about overflowing trash bins and food poisoning in restaurants.

Big Data in Oil and Gas

Shell is using the help of HP and Amazon to create a data-driven oilfield to bring down costs.

Big Data in Online Retail

Personal online stylist Stitch Fix uses Big Data to personalize mass retail. The algorithms emerge from customer surveys, Pinterest boards, weather patterns (another example of where weather data comes into play), and personal notes to stylists.

Big Data in Allergy Medicine Supply Chain

Allergy season drives many of us crazy! Many vendors now are combining data from thousands of stores of different retailers and cross-referencing it with weather, pollen and other data to make sure they can meet consumer demand—and not miss out on potential sales. The use of data in that way is critical to retailers as they try to operate lean supply chains and work with consumer goods that sell quickly.

Big Data in Beverage Supply Chain

Diageo is using IoT to manage each Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle's unique identity and associated dynamic data, allowing it to capture real-time supply chain analytics.

Big Data in Farming

Companies like Monsanto, tractor maker Deere, and technology giants IBM and Intel are competing with many Silicon Valley startups vying for farmers who will see data as an integral part of farming.

Big Data in Weather

The Weather Company's global B2B division WSI processes approximately 2.2 billion unique forecast points worldwide, and averages more than 10 billion forecasts a day on active weather days. WSI and IBM have partnered to enable enterprise clients and industry ecosystems to integrate WSI weather data into their operations and decision-making.