Lens On AI Startup: Hyper Anna

Hyper Anna: Smart Data Scientist

In the ever increasing list of startups and technologies in the crowded data science space, Australia based Hyper Anna stands out due to its AI powered data science technology that has the ability to outshine big boys such as IBM Watson.

Unlike IBM Watson which provides summary of data, Hyper Anna is a smart data scientist that truly understands the context and intent of a query and dishes out statistically relevant and important insights and analytics to the user. In other words, Hyper Anna can intelligently interpret and understand the real meaning and intention of a query which helps in delivering actionable insights. Hyper Anna has embedded natural language processing in AI powered data analytics and is already making strong waves in the financial services industry.

Examples of how Hyper Anna is smarter than IBM Watson

Like Siri or other digital assistants like Microsoft's Cortana or Google Assistant, Hyper Anna's AI agent, 'Anna' interacts through natural language. Hyper Anna co-founder and chief executive Natalie Nguyen, "Anna allows you to communicate as if you were speaking to a colleague. Rather than taking what you say in isolation, it understands it in the context upon which you operate. It doesn't just provide data analytics, but situational insight."

Hyper Anna recently announced raising AU$16 million in a Series A round led by Sequoia China, with participation from Airtree Ventures, Westpac Reinventure, and IAG Firemark Ventures. The latest round brings the total amount raised to AU$17.25 million since its founding in 2015. Investors Westpac and IAG are also among Hyper Anna's early customers.