Lens On Augmented Reality Startup: HoloLamp

There was a recent article in the Wired magazine which wondered why "No company has come close to creating a pair of AR glasses that actually look good when you wear them. But before the augmented reality revolution can really begin—before glasses can usher in the next wave of personal computing—these devices have to look like something people actually want to put on their face. And that isn't as easy as it sounds."


HoloLamp decided to do away with the bulky and ugly glasses and created a glass free and hands free augmented reality device that allows the user to view optical 3D illusions in any environment, by using the combination of machine learning, advanced projection technology and computer vision. Based on face tracking and motion parallax, HoloLamp allows the user to perceive a 3D experience. Based on a touch detection technology, HoloLamp allows the user to control the virtual 3D objects using his/her hands. Based on DLP ultra short throw technology, HoloLamp projects bright, high resolution and wide images. Based on hardware optimization, HoloLamp is a compact spatial augmented reality solution.

The future applications of this unique technology can be endless: from games to education to marketing or even in the workplace.

This startup has eliminated one of the major barriers for mass adoption of AR, i.e. wearable headsets that can restrict a user’s view and overall AR experience. With the help of this device, users can now interact with their environment in a natural and intuitive manner. HoloLamp’s technology is definitely the game changing future of AR and one step ahead towards the mass adoption of AR technology.

However, Hololamp is not the only company trying to address the problem with bulky AR glasses. Another interesting startup, Lightform is the first computer for projected AR (also known as projection mapping), a form of augmented reality that uses projectors to map digital content onto real-life, 3D spaces. Lightform recently announced a $5 million round of funding led by Lux Capital.

Together, these exciting AR startups are creating the future for embedding AR into our day to day lives by creating an immersive environment that can interact with humans almost everywhere.