Lens on Machine Learning Startup for HR: Humu

Humu: Making The Workforce Happier with Machine Learning

Humu is an interesting startup founded by Google’s former head of HR, Laszlo Bock and Wayne Crosby, Google’s former director of engineering, along with Jessie Wisdom, the former head of Google’s People Innovation Lab. This startup provides a behavioral change HR software platform that allows companies to make their employees feel more appreciated by using machine learning and data analytics. Employees can give credit to each other for their work and thus create a more satisfied and happier workforce. Humu is able to provide insights on factors that matter most in making employees more motivated and happy and thus, allows organizations to deploy incentive strategies to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

"Humu’s technology empowers enterprise leaders to measure what matters (and only what matters) and to leverage people analytics (and a little bit of ❤) to nudge people towards being their best selves, every day. The end-game? Higher productivity, dramatically lower attrition, and happier, more capable companies built from the inside-out and the bottom-up," Wayne Crosby

The company has not formally launched its offering and there is a great deal of anticipation for this unique offering that claims to solve one of the most pressing challenges in human resource management. We have been observing major advancements in machine learning and data analytics across functional areas and HR is no exception to this growing phenomenon. Humu strives to integrate these novel technologies in resolving an under-served area in the HR field.

Humu has raised over $40 million in funding led by Index Ventures (Series A) and IVP (Series B).