Lens on Smart Baby Monitor: Nanit

Nanit: Taking the science of sleep one step forward

Israel and NYC based Nanit can help you track, monitor and improve your child’s sleep with its smart baby monitor that leverages computer vision and machine learning to  identify sleep issues. This startup recently did a $14 million Series B and has raised close to $30 million till date from investors including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Upfront Ventures, RRE Ventures, Vulcan Capital and Vaal Investment Partners.

This startup provides real time information on a kid’s sleep issues and helps in early intervention to resolve health issues among kids. Nanit tracks how many times babies wake up, calculates the temperature and humidity in the room for optimal sleep, counts how often a parent tended to the baby, how long it took the baby to fall asleep, and total hours of sleep.


Nanit is not alone in this space. Startups like Raybaby address similar kind of issues by monitoring the breathing patterns of sleeping kids. Knit is another camera vision technology startup that directly competes with Nanit.

The advancements in technology in this space will surely heat up competition in this segment, but parents / caregivers will be the beneficiaries of these novel technologies and can look forward to ensuring a sound sleep for their kids and themselves!