Lens on CCTV Monitoring AI Startup: Uncanny Vision

In recent times, we have seen a plethora of artificial intelligence startups across industries coming up with innovative solutions to turn traditional equipment and devices into smart objects. These startups are trying to leverage AI to address pain points with these traditional devices or improve their efficiencies. Uncanny Vision based in Bangalore, India is another such startup that aims to bring the prowess of AI to an extremely under-served segment - CCTV monitoring. By using AI and Deep Learning Algorithms, Uncanny Vision's product Uncanny Surveillance can turn the simple CCTV’s into smart monitoring systems that can provide real time, proactive alerts for surveillance purposes.

Till now, CCTV’s have only been used for post-mortem activities for events that have already occurred or for general monitoring. However, Uncanny Surveillance can detect unusual patterns or behaviors, risk triggers and other suspicious occurrences in real time and provides timely alert to enable quick intervention by responsible personnel.

Our value proposition is to do advanced AI algorithms and run the vision software at the edge and only send important information or alerts. We have optimized vision software to run on SoC Devices that power IoT Devices enabling smarter vision.
— Navaneethan Sundaramoorthy, co-founder of Uncanny Vision

The firm has raised $500,000 from several funds and prominent angels and has secured pilot customers in US, Japan and India. The possibilities of the company’s application are immense - ranging from smart cities to shopping malls to ATM’s and many others, thereby making it an attractive investment candidate in the near future. The space may be crowded, but niche players with robust technologies can make a strong mark across global markets. 

Uncanny Vision has created products for other industries including the automotive industry.