Lens on AI Startup for Real Estate Professionals: First

First: AI-powered CRM for Real Estate Agents

Durham, North Carolina based, First recently raised $5 million Series A from MATH Venture Partners, Nine Four Ventures, and @properties’ co-founders Thad Wong and Mike Golden. This startup focuses on the real estate market with its AI-powered platform by streamlining the lead generation and prospecting activities of agents - one of the most critical aspects of real estate sales.

The software predicts when people are likely to buy a home based on salaries, spending behaviors and major life events. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, First.io organizes the contacts in a real estate agent’s database and tells agents the best time to reach out for a potential home sale.


First.io faces competition from other players such as REX Real Estate Exchange, based in Woodland Hills, California which is also leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

For real estate agents, the future definitely lies in utilizing technology to augment their sales capabilities, else they will be hit hard by technology innovation in the industry.