Lens on Pymetrics, Creator of Gamified AI based, Bias-Free Recruiting Solution

Pymetrics: Bias-Free Recruitment

Talent acquisition is a critical success factor for obtaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Corporations across the globe are putting forth best practices to attract best possible talent. However, human bias seems to be a constant factor in hiring decisions. Pymetrics, which has raised over $17 million in funding, seems to have a solution for this problem. The company was founded by Frida Polli and Julie Yoo, Harvard and MIT-trained PhDs.

Pymetrics uses artificial intelligence and brain games based on neuroscience to eliminate bias in hiring. The company has a client base of around 50 companies including big names like Unilever and Accenture, who are using the solution to get rid of unconscious bias by identifying inherent cognitive and emotional traits. BCG-Henderson Institute has also partnered with Pymetrics to develop a mobile game to bridge the strategy-implementation gap.

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Automation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning is already making giant waves across various functional areas and eliminating the need for human staff. The penetration of AI in areas where human judgment is required - such as hiring and recruitment, is definitely going to create ripples among human staff.