Lens on Blockchain App for Matchmaking: Ponder

Ponder: Instilling Trust And Giving Rewards To Matchmakers

The dating industry is huge across the globe and apps like Tinder are making a killing with their strong user base. However, online dating sites and apps are filled with fake profiles and users are wary about the authenticity of data on such platforms. There is widespread concern about data theft and privacy issues.

The dating industry is extremely competitive with over 7500+ dating sites in existence. So, how does one stand out among one's competition? Ponder is expecting to stand out from the crowd by offering a unique blockchain based app that claims to solve one of the biggest issues in online dating - authenticity and trust.

Ponder brings an element of personalization, trust and authenticity to the online dating process by incentivizing users to become matchmakers with its own crypto-currency token. Unlike other apps that use AI and algorithms to match users, Ponder uses real human matchmakers who do their best in order to earn rewards.

The team calls this a platform designed to allow for introductions at scale. This means that everyone is invited to be a matchmaker for their friends as well as strangers, but not just in a romantic sense. The team also incorporates financial rewards and game mechanics to create an incentivized community that boosts growth and aligns all parties. Trust and security come from the blockchain and the ERC-20 smart contract. To hold the Ponder Gold token, users must go through a Civic identity management platform. (Blockonomi)

The blockchain has been called the Internet of Value, providing new ways to reward people for their time and effort. These methods can be channeled to create better online dating systems with higher match rates, less time spent browsing and messaging and more time meeting real people.
— Manshu Agarwal, Ponder’s CEO and co-founder

Ponder is not the only company that is leveraging blockchain to transform the dating industry. Websites like Matchpool and Viola.Ai are also using blockchain to bring trust and authenticity to this lucrative and growing industry. Ponder has garnered 80,000 plus users with its beta version and raised $1.5 million in seed funding prior to its token sale.

Throughout 2018, Ponder plans to introduce further matching opportunities including job recruitment, business partnerships, and roommate and babysitter searches.